Best Anti-anxiety Foods

People who suffer from anxiety tend to get more anxious during the treatment process. Although there are medications, majority prefers to use natural remedies before turning to drugs and expert help. I am going to tell you what any expert will, the cure is at home. There are anti-anxiety herbal remedies you can take and also include anti-anxiety foods in your diet. Some of these you will be glad to learn of, guaranteed. So without further ado, here are some foods that contain anti-anxiety nutrients:

Best Anti-anxiety Foods


blueberries - anti-anxiety food

Yes, we all love blueberries and now we have one more reasons to add extra on our morning pancakes. You will find some great blueberry recipes here, such as Blueberry Custard Mini Tarts or Blueberry Coconut Ice Pops.


peaches - anty-anxiety foods

Another one of our loved fruits. They are a nature’s gift that comes with a sedating effect and helps calm our nerves. Mixx some mangoes, strawberries peaches and ice and enjoy!


almonds - food for anxiety

Not all of us consume almonds the way we should but these little things are energy power packs. Add some of these in your diet, preferably in the morning, and watch the magic happen. They are great as a memory improvement food too.


chocolate - anti-anxiety

Well, it’s not like most of us need a reason or anxiety for this one. None of that white or milk chocolate; pure dark chocolate has anti-anxiety properties and is highly recommended.



Aqua has to be top of the list. Dehydration can cause anxiety so make sure you take your eight glasses of water or more if you perspire a lot.

Before you start treating your anxiety, try to understand your problem so that you can better address it. For example, depending on how caffeine affects your anxiety you can increase or decrease your regular cups of coffee.

If you mean to seek help by adding anti-anxiety foods, then there are many more options. But I shall warn you, you cannot depend on foods solely. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make working out a regularly part of your daily schedule.

Other than that, you need commitment and stick to the daily regimen and soon enough, you will see change.



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