5 Foods That Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is connected to a humans neural system and it primarily attacks the brain and further targets the whole body. It is yet another face of depression and fear that makes us fall prey to different diseases and wrong life decisions. Anxiety makes you enter a dilemma where you can’t come out of the loop of thoughts. It is often noticed in a person lacking nutrients like Vitamin B-1, B-12, D, Zinc, Iron and Omega-3.
Great way of getting control over anxiety is through the appropriate diet. Here are some foods that help with anxiety.

Foods that help with anxiety

1.    Water

Water is a sure shot anxiety squeezer. When we are dehydrated, our cells feel threatened. It also weakens our brain due to lack of blood flow. That is why it’s directly affecting our neural system. Intake of 8 glass of water per day is a must.

2.    Chamomile

The chamomile flower has rich volatile oils that help to mild the anxiety.
Herbalists say that chamomile consumption for a year can eliminate anxiety forever. Maybe that’s not true, but a cup of chamomile tea can definitely relax you.

3.    Dark Chocolate

Getting used to eating chocolates is the easiest thing in the world. Of course, you need to be careful about the amount. If you have too much, it can work against you. The chocolates have magnesium to smooth our muscles in the times of stress. After all, the opposite of ‘STRESSED’ is ‘DESSERTS’.

4.    Fish

Fish like salmon, lake trout or sardines are high in omega-3 nutrient which scientifically reduces stress level by 25 percent. It can also be consumed in the form of fish oil.

5.    Berries

Berries are filled with vitamin C and antioxidants that are in fact the renovators of our cells. For good result include berries in your diet at least two times a week. So, bury your worries with berries.

Try staying away from food that can cause anxiety like fast food, alcohol, high sodium food etc.

The anxiety can be under control when the right diet is accompanied with right exercise.

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