Unusual Anxiety Symptoms You Didn’t Know About

Anxiety is a state of mind whose effects can range from being simply harmless to being highly destructive – mentally and sometimes, even physically. It all depends on the way you react to your anxiety. Also, not every person is the same. Each and every person is unique, so, the type, intensity and frequency of anxiety attacks can differ greatly. There are some unusual anxiety symptoms you probably didn’t know about.

Not having much information about the symptoms of anxiety attacks can cause you to presume or worry about:

  • Having a heart attack,
  • Becoming insane,
  • Losing all control over your mind,
  • Being lonely,
  • Having some sort of undetected disorder,
  • Harming someone close to you,
  • Feeling suffocated.

People that suffer from terrible anxiety attacks can worry about some or all of the scenarios listed above. While you are not in danger of any of these things happening, there are a few unusual anxiety symptoms you didn’t know about, that can really put you over the edge.

Here are some of those anxiety symptoms:

  1. Everything Seems Scary. This is one of the emotional symptoms that anxiety attacks can have. You seem to be scared of everything, and you experience dramatic mood swings or feel under pressure from an unknown or known source all the time.
  2. Hallucinations. They can be both visual as well as auditory. Everything may feel unreal or like it is something out of a dream. You may see things out of the corner of your eyes or hear noises in your head or in your ears that aren’t there.
  3. Short Term Memory Impairment. You may have problems remembering things and new information you read or learn just moments ago. You may also have problems concentrating and focusing on a simple thing, which can lend itself to your memory loss.
  4. Choking or Having Something Stuck in Your Throat. You may feel as if your throat’s constricted or as if there is a lump in stuck in it, leading you to feel as if you’re choking and unable to breathe properly.
  5. Stomach Related Symptoms. You may feel constipated or you may suffer from diarrhea. These are completely opposite, but so can be different people.

These are some unusual symptoms you may encounter if you are prone to anxiety attacks. Don’t worry or panic as it will only add to your anxiety. Instead, remember this list and try to fight your anxiety with some natural anxiety remedies. Consult a doctor who can recommend the appropriate therapy or medication for you. Stay strong!

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