Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know

Anxiety is a feeling that every human being may feel. It is just normal for a person to feel the anxiety in different situations at any time and any place. The anxiety usually comes surprisingly for some, but for some people it is already an abnormality.

Here are some things that your friends with anxiety disorder want you to know:

1. I need your moral support.

People with anxiety often ignore you, as if they do not know you and that you do not exist, but when the anxiety attacks, that’s the best time they need a friend whom they know is just at their back.

2. Be patient.

It might be easy to lose patience with your friends suffering from anxiety disorder, but you have to remember that it is a disorder that they are fighting with, so you have to extend your patience with them and do not see it as a headache.

3. Be more understanding.

As a friend, you must be the person with a wide understanding about what is happening to your friend. Knowing and learning to accept the condition that your friend has will help you give a friend with anxiety disorder a special treatment.

4. Do not give up on our friendship.

No matter what your friend is dealing with, you must not give up on your friendship because anxiety disorder is not a valid reason to throw your friends away. As a friend, they need you more than you’ve ever known.

5. Trust me.

Your friends might have an anxiety disorder, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t trust them. They trust you as a friend and they also need to be trusted with their decisions.

6. You can still count on me.

Whatever condition your friend has is not the basis to set them aside. You can still rely on your friends with anxiety disorder, so let them know that you are counting on them.

People with anxiety disorder are also human beings, who needs fair treatment. They just need to feel that they have friends whom they can trust and friends who will let them feel that they are loved and cared. They are suffering from an anxiety disorder that they never wished to have and I’m sure that if only they can choose not to have it, they will. So, as a friend, learn to open your hands for your friends with anxiety disorder.


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